Earth Girl

Monday, August 02, 2010

Bet You Didn't See this Coming

Alright, so I haven't posted in a year in a half... But I'm gonna make it work this time because I was just reading a couple of my posts and along with cracking myself up, I really liked remembering the stuff I wrote down!

So... Here are a few facts that might cheat the year and a half of postless-ness :)

I have a job waitressing (I'm never gonna get tired of telling waitress stories so expect a few of those).
I am learning how to drive - did a lesson today. TOTALLY nailed the roundabouts, and the whole left hand side of the road, in the wrong side of the car thing :P
This year I'm going into Upper Sixth which means I'm a senior. Kind of.
I only get to do 3 subjects! Graphics, English Lit and Philosophy. Philosophy messes with you head.
Bring it on.
90% sure I'm going to University in the States. OHYEAH. Mainly because that means I can stay up till 2am and drive to Wal Mart and pick up Ben and Jerry's WHENEVER I WANT. Obviously that's the most important thing to consider when deciding what country to go to University....
Basically I can do a lot of stuff that I read about on MLIA :)

So I got back from America Thursday morning and thought I recovered from jet lag, but apparently not. I could NOT get to sleep last night until about 2:30am. So I finished Wuthering Heights. Man that book does. not. end. The font size is incredibly deceptive. So when you think 350 pages? Piece of cake, I read the entire Twilight Saga in four days.

You're wrong. So wrong. And I swear the story could have been told in about 12 pages. It just talks about the weather in ridiculously epic paragraphs. Then when something significant happens like a baby is born that becomes a main character, you would think that would be mentioned! And to make it more confusing, that baby had the same name as the woman that just died.

Anyway, enough of the rant about a classic book. I did enjoy the last 70 pages :)

In the airport on the way back I had one bag that I had to hold, a little suitcase (bought that morning at a thrift store by Grandma) that had a really short extension handle making me have
to take tiny steps so that it wouldn't trip me up. And a bumble bee pillow. A fairly standard combination... Got a few funny looks but it didn't bother me too much until a very helpful man who I'm sure thought I was 12 made sure I knew where I was going and what I was doing and double checked to make sure, and waited while I was checking the screen. He was very nice to do that (one of the reasons I love America) and I'm sure it was due to the large, squishy, smiling, yellow pillow I was holding :)

I realize there isn't much of a structure going on here but I shall continue anyway :)

Last night Katherine got home from Glasgow visiting le boyfriend. She brought home George of the Jungle. Probably the best present she's ever come home with. I don't think I'm ever going to grow up in terms of movie taste. I mean I love a really good movie that just isn't for kids, but things like Disney movies are just brilliant. I live for the computer generated facial expressions and jokes told by funny voices.

By the way guys, AMERICA WAS AMAZING. Thank you so much for letting me eat your food and sleep in your beds and for taking me places :)
And taking me shooting.
And to the movies.
And to restaurants.
And swimming.
And letting me drive.
And letting me spend an hour and a half in one store...
Gotta say, the last night was a pretty good finale. It'll be hard to top that next time! Whenver that may be...

Currently my cat thinks he's the king of everything and he should be my sole object of attention. He's jumping on the couch and he thinks it's ok to sit on my hands where I'm typing and then when I move him, he's looks at my like 'What? This is my spot. You now have permission to fawn over me.'

I think it's time for me to do something productive now like watch a movie.

Just as another random tag on, I'll share my two favourite songs right now :)
Train- You already know. Youtube it now. You have to wait for about a minute before it gets good. So worth it. Do it.
And, The King Blues - I Got Love. I reeeally like songs with British accents in at the moment.

Do not fear, I shall blog again shortly!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random Update

I just had an English Lit exam. This means that I wrote about sympathy, mockingbirds, relationships, the moon, technology, nature, moral values, tension and high heels IN ONE PAPER. It's was 2 and a half hours long and because I have retarded hands that are cold all the time, I don't get writer's cramp like everyone else, which is a plus.

I went outside for 5 minutes to walk from school to the car. That was an hour and a half ago and my toes are still defrosting.

I'm getting a pink phone :)
I picked out a phone that I wanted and my Mom ordered it for me, then they said it was out of stock. THEN I went on their website and they said it was in stock so I was like DUDE what is the DEAL? So I called the people up and waited on hold while that ridiculous music played. This guy picked up (is it weird to think he sounded cute?) and I said blah blah blah then he said hold. Then I said ok. Then the ridiculous music started playing again. He said when I ordered, they were out of stock, but then they came back in stock. That was a great story, don't you think?....

Anyway. It's exams week. And it will be next week, too. And the week after. Physics tomorrow. I bet you didn't know that electromagnetic induction only works with a changing magnetic field. That was the cleverest thing I could think of, and it doesn't even sound scary-smart.

It's cold here.

I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in 4 days :)
I joined the Edward Cullen fanclub of Facebook today. You should,too.

I have to revise now. Oh joy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twilight: The Review

After 5 months of anticipation and random outbursts of squeals, I FINALLY SAW TWILIGHT!! It came out in the UK yesterday. My poster came in the mail today. I listened to the soundtrack 43 times yesterday and Gina and I were trying to figure out where each song would be in the movie. I loved the 2 Paramore songs. At the cinema, a group of girls with twilight t-shirts were first in line :). We assured Gina's Mom that we were NOT as obsessive as them (only because the t-shirts are christmas presents...).

I liked the beginning. It was immense.
(One of )My favourite parts in the book was the meadow scene. They didn't do it right in the movie.
I loved the placing of the song 'Supermassive Blackhole' - when they were playing baseball. That scene was awesome. Emmett was cool.
Their first kiss started off awkward, then it appeared that Edward's thought process changed from 'sweet and precious' to 'let's get it on' in 3.2 seconds. And why wasn't she wearing any pants?!
Jasper did looked constipated.
The ballet studio scene was amazing. Loved it.
There were too many little scenes that were 30 seconds long at the beginning.
I liked Edward's peacoat.
She didn't wear enough make up to prom.
They didn't have the JacobBella tree.
I thought the scene where he shows Bella his monster-ness was awesome. And scary. And cute.
They could have done more with the sparkling skin.
When they first met was good, except he looked like he was about to puke rather than eat her.
Having said the ballet studio scene was amazing, when Edward was sucking the venom out of her arm, it looked like he was making out with the wrong part of her. Just about everyone in the theatre laughed :)
They should have had more Alice.
The tree scene was cool.
He was hot when he did that car spinny thing then got out to save Bella from the idiotfaces in Port Angeles. Then he did another car spinny thing. DON'T MESS WITH EDWARD.
I thought it was sweet how they added the scene when Bella is sleeping and she moves her head to sleep on Edward's tummy.

Bella never got to say 'You dazzle people.'
Edward and Bella should have read the book before making the movie.
'Let me sign' was perfect for the movie. And they put it in the perfect place. *Sigh* So cute. My favourite part in the song is when he says 'I will wrap you in my arms.' *Sigh* So cute. Listen to it and you will agree. Even though you can't really understand him when he sings.
I liked Bella's ring.
Could you tell Edward was english? I could. Gina couldn't.

I'm seeing it again on Monday.
If there is nobody in the world close to Edward's perfectness, I blame Stephanie Meyer for breaking the hearts of 4 million girls.

In the meantime I get to revise for my mock exams! Hooray!
Here's 'Let me Sign'

The book was better.

That's all.

PS I chose red writing to signify the theme of vampires but, with a green background, it adds a bit of a christmas touch, don't you think?

PPS Happy Birthday Joshua.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

That's Such A Mom thing To Do

My Mom saw this in the window display of a Miss Sixty shop. She loved it. Now, all 7 feet of it is in our hallway...

(By the way, it says 'IN LOVE')

Wednesday, November 05, 2008



I just got reobsessed with Twilight...

Ok first of all, on Gina's facebook it says 'Gina just saw a sign saying 'fly tipping' and is wondering if that's the same thing as cow tipping.

Yup, that's Gina.

Secondly, we were talking on the phone for an hour about Twilight and Twilight alone and we discovered the soundtrack... Seriously if you thought I was obsessed you ain't seen NOTHING. Except she doesn't like Bella. Which is probably very annoying seeing as it's all in Bella's eyes. Anyhoo guess what she found:

AHahhahahahahahahahaahahahha. Isn't it sooooooooooo cute??? And sweeeeeeeeeeeeet? 45 days!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Graphics is pretty much my favourite subject, because I like being creative, and I'm good at it. But sometimes my teacher can be a little... well I don't really have a word, maybe you can think of one for me after this story.

You should know that during the last week of school (when we had no other work given to us), we were told we had to do 6 pages of development. That's 6 A3 pages - which means it's really big. Umm, HELLO??? Last week of school, never gave us more than 2 to do in a week etc. etc. The criteria of the marking page askes for 6-8. 2 optional pages. I managed to finish all of them so I wouldn't have to worry about it over summer. However, a lot of people never finished, and still haven't, she's been having to hassle about 90% of my class about it (and I mean HASSLE).

So, I was on the computer after school doing my digital work and my teacher came round to me and asked to see my sketchbook. I handed it to her and she saw my 6 pages and says to me. 'You need to do 2 more pages of development work.' I stared at her uncomprehending.
'You've only done six.' And your point is? 'It's 6 to 8 development pages, right?'
'So that means you need to do 2 more'
'Ummm ok.... ???'

Does that make any sense to you WHAT SO EVER? Do you see her logic? She said so herself that it was 6 to 8 pages. I don't mind doing them because I was thinking of doing an extra page anyway but I was just a bit befuddled by the way she said that. Am I right or am I having an unecessary rant about nothing?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Oh ya, the tights are Fo Shizzle

So I got in the car after church and this was playing...

And I was wearing these shoes...

Coincidence? I think NOT!

The tights are cool, huh? I gotta few stares for those :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Take Me Back

Ok y'all, I'm ready to come back. England is semi-officially a been there done that. Of course, I was greeted with a warm welcome back, a few stories in the car driving to Manchester. My eyes were almost staying open without anyone having to slap me. Picture taking with a friend in a big city straight after getting off a 8 1/2 hour flight may not seem like a wise decision, but it did keep me awake for 2 hours. On the other hand, however, reading Eclipse in a quiet room upstairs above my Mom's shop did not. I fell I sleep, but was awaken by my Mom laughing at my poor attempt to stay awake. Now, this post may become (or already is) disjointed and nonsensical (is that a word, if so, go me!), but it's making me think and that's keeping me awake. 3 more hours 3 more hours.

As I get out of the car -into the rain- I shuffle through the door and upstairs to put my stuff down. My bed is covered in ka-rap. There's some alliteration for you. All over the floor are odd bits of clothes and my school files. On the desk, there's a make up brush set laying open with 5 brushes missing. And my orchid has died :( BUT, when I went to take I bath, I discovered there was an adventerous new shampoo...

A mani-pedi is on my schedule. As is unpacking, finishing eclipse, school stuff blah blah blah. It's not all bad, though. There's a case of 'good root beer' in the kitchen and I get to hug and pet and squish my kitties till the cows come home. I miss friendly americans, I miss my aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins and..., I miss Wal Mart, I miss Taco Bell, I miss the tempurpedic bed and my nightly adventures with my aunts, to get an innocent tub of Ben and Jerry's or to get a black cow.

But guess what I was doing today? I did it TWICE!! I was DEFYING GRABITY! Well, that's all I have to say. Maybe my brain will come up with some more fascinating details to blog about. It probably would help once I get out of the grumpy, jet lagged teenager mode, dontchya think?

Gotta go read now, Edward is back.